Exercises & Stretches For Sciatica
June 11, 2021

The Best Exercises & Stretches to Help Your Sciatica
Sciatica Relief

Do you have pain in your lower back? Does it sometimes course down through your buttocks into one or both legs? You may have sciatica.

The large sciatic nerve extends from the lower back down the back of each leg. The condition occurs when the nerve is aggravated and aching results. Sometimes the aches are intermittent and tolerable, sometimes excruciating and debilitating.

The causes are many and varied. The most obvious and the easiest to remedy are being overweight, not exercising regularly and sleeping on too soft a mattress. The more complicated reasons may be related to spine or vertebrae problems.

Here are a few Healing Tips:

Losing weight could go a long way in healing this condition. Too much weight on joints and muscles cause a myriad of problems.


Everyone knows exercise is good for your body. If you are sore, stiff and inflexible, do simple movements when you start. Once you can exercise a little more vigorously, try these suggestions to address this disorder.

Exercise #1

Stand tall, lift your arms overhead, slowly bend at the waist and stretch your arms toward the floor. Be gentle and stop before it hurts too much. See if you can loosen up your back and spine just a bit. Start with just a few seconds and increase the time until you feel your body become more flexible. It could take days or weeks of persistent effort but it is worth trying.

Exercise #2

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out before you. Stretch your arms overhead and slowly fold your upper body down over your legs. Move slowly, just until it hurts. Stay there for a moment longer and then release. This movement can be the beginning of working out the ligaments, muscles, and nerves of your back and legs.

Exercise #3

Get on your hands and knees. Lower your head while arching your back. Hold for a few seconds and release by lifting your head and dropping your torso. This rocking motion can be a great stress reliever.

You can also stretch and twist in your bed before rising. The important thing is that you just start moving. Pay extra attention to the painful areas but try and coax them slowly but surely into wellness.

Massage is another wonderful way to alleviate discomfort. Rubbing and kneading the back, buttocks, and legs is soothing and feels good. Do it to yourself or ask your partner for help. You can also go to a massage therapist. Tell them which areas will require special attention.

Visit an Osteopath
You may also consider going to an osteopath. These trained professionals have studied the body and offer gentle hands-on treatments for the muscles, joints, and tissues, addressing circulation, proper alignment, and function.*

Osteopathy is a discipline that combines general medicine with nutrition and lifestyle advice. Osteopathy has been called, ‘the best-kept secret in pain management.’ There are now over 70,000 licensed osteopaths in the United States.

Osteopaths are able to practice all scopes of medicine or surgery, like MDs. They can write prescriptions, order blood work, scans or x-rays. An Osteopath can do a lot for you on your path to healing.

The shooting pain of sciatica is very hard to live with. Luckily there are many ways to address the problem. Do yourself a favor and try one or more of these healing modalities.