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If you’re a parent seeking exceptional health care for your new baby or growing children, you owe it to yourself to consider osteopathic medicine.

Dr. David Johnston at Osteopathic Wellness has extensive training and experience as a medical and osteopathic physician who provides newborn and pediatric health care. If you have questions about how osteopathic care can help your child, call the office in Ridgefield, Connecticut, or book an appointment online.

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Newborn & Pediatric Health Q&A

How can an osteopathy help my child?

When you bring your child to see Dr. Johnston, you can trust in his training as a medical doctor who fully understands pediatric conditions. However, your child gains other important benefits from his specialization in osteopathic medicine.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Johnston is trained to treat the whole person, which means he doesn’t just write a prescription and send you on your way.

Every system of your child’s body is interconnected. Dr. Johnston takes the time to evaluate the impact each part of the body has on another so that he can determine the true underlying cause of your child’s problem and develop a customized treatment to keep them healthy and well. He also includes diet and nutrition in his evaluation and treatment plans. You can depend on his recommendations to ensure your child has the nutritional foundation they need to support proper growth and development.

Above all, Dr. Johnston is highly trained in hands-on osteopathic manipulative therapies, which maintain the ongoing health of your child’s musculoskeletal system.

How does osteopathic manipulative therapy support pediatric health?

Dr. Johnston specializes in osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) and cranial osteopathy, which use many different hands-on techniques to gently manipulate and massage soft tissues and Joints.

OMT helps restore proper function and movement and improves circulation. These therapies can relieve pain and inflammation and promote the body’s natural healing ability. Overall, OMT supports normal growth and development. It also has a calming influence and promotes restful sleep.

How can osteopathy help my newborn?

Structural changes can occur in your baby during delivery. These changes may not be obvious to your pediatrician because, unlike osteopathic physicians, they don’t specialize in evaluating the musculoskeletal system.

Birth trauma can result from a normal vaginal delivery, as well as a long or difficult birth, breech delivery, or delivery using forceps or a vacuum extractor.

Gentle osteopathic treatment can help balance the bones and soft tissues in your newborn’s skull or elsewhere in their body.

What newborn and pediatric health conditions are commonly treated with osteopathy?

Dr. Johnston often provides treatment for pediatric problems such as:

  • Colic and reflux (spitting up)
  • Growing pains
  • Constant crying or irritability
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Being tongue-tied
  • Jaw imbalance
  • Flat head syndrome
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Musculoskeletal problems (torticollis, shoulder and collarbone distortions)
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (delayed development, learning disorders)

If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Johnston can treat your newborn or child, call Osteopathic Wellness Center or book an appointment online.



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