REVIEWS FOR Osteopathic Wellness

We love to hear from our patients

Dr. David Johnston always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what our patients are saying about us, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback as well!

We Love Getting Feedback

Gio W.

I wish I had contacted Dr. Johnston sooner. It’s rare that you can find such a knowledgeable/credentialed and caring healer who actually has time to see new patients and diligently investigate their needs. I have been lucky enough to continue to see him and was recommended to contact his practice for general care and a few specific issues. Dr. Johnston has magical healing hands and an impeccable “bedside manner.” Each visit I feel I’m leaving better than my prior one.

It’s hard to describe osteopathic techniques, but they are of course tailored to his patients and as I can see now take time, follow up visits, and home work in order gain the maximum effect. I would encourage prospective patients to make Dr. Johnston a priority this year as you will be hard pressed to find a better use of your time and health resources. He will help with general healing/wellness as well as specific issues you may not have known about.

The most important thing is to maintain an open mind and a positive and humble mindset. Because of his treatments, I am sleeping better and making great progress toward maintaining healthier daily routines.

Cece B.

Dr. Johnston & the staff at Osteopathic Wellness Center are amazing! They listened to our needs and took extra time to collaborate with another medical practitioner. Dr. Johnston’s osteopathic adjustments have been an added bonus to the IV drip therapy! He has a very patient and kind approach and the office is dedicated to their clients.

Kristen S.

I am so grateful I found Dr. Johnston. After suffering from bad back pain for a few months, and trying other methods (including epidurals). I looked up Osteopathy as an alternative method to manage my pain and heal. I’ve had two sessions with Dr. Johnston, and finally had relief for the first time from a sharp pain which has led to many restless nights. I am still at the beginning of my journey, but could not be happier to find Dr. Johnston. He is so kind, explains the methods he’s using, and takes the time to answer every question you have. I highly recommend him and his practice!

Leigh D.

Dr. Johnston is very compassionate. He listens to you carefully, spends time with you, cares about what is going on with you and takes the necessary steps to fix whatever is wrong. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know what would have happened. I am so grateful for Dr. Johnston and everything he’s done for me. I now live a few hours away from his office but continue to drive to see him when necessary because he is the best.

Claudia M.

I’ve struggled with persistent head pressure for almost three years. I’ve been to a few osteopaths for headaches after sustaining concussions and ligament damage to my neck in high school. Dr. Johnston is the best I’ve been to in the CT/NY area! I specifically enjoy receiving craniosacral therapy. Immediately after a session, I feel like a new person. I only get this therapy done with Dr. Johnston because after treatment, I immediately notice my parasympathetic nervous system is activated and, as a result, the head pressure I experienced significantly declines along with my anxiety. It’s an amazing feeling that I’ve only experienced at Osteopathic Wellness Center. To put it plainly, I always leave feeling like a million bucks! I firmly believe Dr. Johnston has a special gift for healing others. My symptoms were exacerbated when diagnosed with Lyme disease, but craniosacral and IV nutrition therapy helped me feel better. I highly recommend Dr. Johnston for craniosacral as well as IV nutrition therapy. In addition to feeling better, Dr. Johnston and his wife are the kindest people. I’m so happy I found Osteopathic Wellness Center, where I have felt better and felt good about the family I’m supporting with each visit. Make an appointment today!!!

Barbara C.

I found Dr. Johnston 10 years ago when I was dealing with severe neck pain from learning how to snowboard. Had terrible, debilitating headaches. Regular doctors wanted to put me on muscle relaxers that made me sleep all day and not be able to function. Thanks to Dr. J, I was made new and whole again. Forward to now 2020/21. I was hit by a car in Nov. 2020. Had terrible whiplash from my head all the way down to my left hip. I could no longer run, lift weights, or even lift up my young son. It took 4 months, but Dr. J once again worked his magic fingers and I am able to continue being and avid runner, weight trainer, snow boarder, and active mom of 3. Thank you can not say enough about Dr. J and his wonderful, kind, and caring staff, who all have great bed side manner.

Mary C.

I’m pleased to give Dr. Dave a 5 star rating to express my appreciation for his excellent osteopathic healing. I have used his services for two different structural/musculature issues in the past few years. In both cases, he has quickly (within 3-4 visits) alleviated my pain. He was able to heal my sciatic pain over period of a few months with just a few visits when other resources had failed. I have continued to have no sciatic pain after 3 years. Recently I visited him again for an extremely painful shoulder issue. After one visit, I immediately received pain relief. Dr. Dave always puts me at ease and shows extreme kindness and caring compassion, as well as recommendations for self-healing before and after visits. I highly recommend Dr. David Johnston as an osteopath extraordinaire.