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Detoxification from a nutritional standpoint helps you to cleanse the body of dietary and environmental pollutants and corrects poor digestion of food.

Approximately 70 percent of our immune system is located in the intestinal lining, and when our gut Is out of balance It can result in many chronic health conditions, including autoimmune diseases. Our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis from the use of numerous substances, toxins, and preservatives that can impede health, encourage aging, interfere with normal hormonal balance, affect sleep, and predispose a person to disease, and many other complaints within the body.

A suitable detoxification strategy using various high quality supplements, functional foods and dietary guidelines will clear inflammation from your body and restore balance to the gastrointestinal system. This can help give you clearer skin, greater energy, and better mental focus, and relief of the many symptoms related to chronic inflammation, including pain.

To get the most from your detox strategy, it is important to work with a trained physician like Dr. Johnston, to ensure the program meets your needs and takes into account your unique health conditions and goals.



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