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What is Cranial Osteopathy?

At the Osteopathic Wellness Center we offer holistic treatment for relieving pain and healing injuries. Dr. David Johnston is a caring physician who is committed to helping his patients feel better.

Dr. Johnston practices Cranial Osteopathy. Cranial Osteopathy is a very subtle and gentle approach to the treatment of the whole body (not Just the head as the name implies). Cranial Osteopathy examines the complex structure of the head in detail and its considerable influence on the health of the whole body via its connection to the spine. This is an expansion of the general principles of osteopathy, that includes a special understanding of the central nervous system and the surrounding cerebrospinal fluid, the connective tissue covering (dura mater), and a mechanism called “primary respiration”. Those who wish to practice cranial Osteopathy train intensively through post-graduate studies and experienced osteopaths in their offices.

By restoring balance to the body through cranial osteopathy, your body will function optimally and bring health to the whole person, including your nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, describes Cranial Osteopathy on his website.

Cranial Osteopathy


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