woman suffering neck pain before osteopathic treatment

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatments: Pros and Cons

November 2, 2023

Neck pain – it’s a daily struggle for many of us, affecting 10-20% of adults. The kind of pain that can put a serious dent in your mobility and make everyday life a bit of a challenge. But hey, there’s good news. Dr. David Johnston at Osteopathic Wellness Center, right here in Ridgefield, Connecticut, knows the ins and outs of neck pain treatment, and he’s all about getting you back on the path to feeling good.

So, if you’ve been dealing with that nagging, persistent neck pain that just won’t quit, keep reading. We’re going to dive into the world of neck pain treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, and weigh the pros and cons.

The Source of the Pain

First things first, let’s talk about why your neck is acting up. The neck is like the bridge between your head and the rest of your body, and it’s doing some heavy lifting to support that noggin of yours. It’s no wonder it can get a bit cranky from time to time.

Common Culprits:

  • Ligament Sprains and Muscle Strains: Sometimes, everyday movements can cause those tiny ligaments and muscles in your neck to get all knotted up.
  • Whiplash: If you’ve been in a car accident or experienced a sudden jolt, whiplash can rear its painful head.
  • Herniated Discs: The discs between your vertebrae can misbehave and start pressing on nerves.
  • Osteoarthritis: Wear and tear on your neck joints can lead to good old-fashioned arthritis.
  • Poor Ergonomics: Modern life isn’t always kind to our necks. Hours spent hunched over screens or looking down at phones can really throw things out of whack.

Now that we’ve got the who and the why, let’s talk about the how – as in how we treat that pesky neck pain.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

Here’s where things get interesting. There are two main avenues for neck pain treatment: surgical and non-surgical. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatments:

  • Pros: Non-surgical options often include osteopathic manipulation, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes. They’re less invasive and can provide relief without the need for surgery.
  • Cons: It can sometimes take a bit more time to see significant improvement, and some cases may require ongoing management.

Surgical Neck Pain Treatments:

  • Pros: Surgery can offer quick relief for certain conditions, like herniated discs. It can be a game-changer when conservative treatments don’t cut it.
  • Cons: Surgery always comes with some risks, and recovery time can be longer. It’s not always the best option for everyone.

The bottom line? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to neck pain. Dr. David Johnston at Osteopathic Wellness Center knows that the right approach depends on your unique situation.

Whether it’s hands-on osteopathic care, physical therapy, or even surgery if needed, the goal is the same: to get you back to a pain-free, mobile life. So, if you’ve been battling neck pain, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the experts who understand the ins and outs of neck pain treatment, right here in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Ready to say goodbye to that pesky neck pain? Schedule an appointment with us, and let’s get you back on track to a healthier, pain-free life. Your neck will thank you for it!